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3018Pro Laser Engraving Machine CNC 3Axis Milling DIY woodworking Engraver Suitable For Wood Acrylic Carve Power 0.5W-15W Laser

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  • Description

    Product description:

    Control software: GRBL control

    Material: aluminum + bakelite + injection parts

    Working area: 300 * 180 * 40mm

    Frame size: 400 * 330 * 240mm

    775 spindle motor: 24V 10000 revolutions

    Stepper motor 1.3A 0.25N.m

    Power: 24 V 5A

    System support: Windows XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win10

    Laser : 500MW, 2500mw, 5500mw, 15000mw

    Number of axes: X axis, double Y axis, Z axis


    Can be carved: MDF, balsa, paper, wood, horns, certain plastics, leather, plywood, foam, ceramics, stone, stainless steel. Rubber stamps, photosensitive seals, printing paper, sponge paper are waiting for flammable materials.

    It can also be engraved with 201, 316 stainless steel, and some metals have been surface treated (for example: surface paint, anodizing, plating, etc.).

    Impossible to sculpt: glass, reflective, transparent material.

    Can cut: plastic, wood, acrylic, photovoltaic, leather, printing paper, non-woven fabric.

    Friendly tip: 15000mw laser kit can be carved on stone, stainless steel surface and anodized colored aluminum alloy surface.


    1.New upgrade of body material!

    Fully upgraded, controllable motherboard, three-axis driver, dual Y-axis, comprehensive functions.

    2.Black injection molded parts, professional shell protection, active fan cooling, no heat for long-term use. High accuracy.

    3.Avoid stepper motor overcurrent protection damage, upgrade integrated stepper motor driver, 2A high current, high stability.

    4.GRBL1.1f firmware, stable performance.

    5.Support offline laser output 2P / 3P laser, support PWM / TTL signal control.

    6.Power 0-100% adjustable! The spindle supports PWM power adjustable between 0-100%.

    7.Laser direct image engraving, (supports offline) can work without connecting to a computer. No programming, no design, simple and convenient.

    Please note:

    The package sent by this product is an assembly kit. You need to DIY the machine yourself.

    Please provide your email address. We will send software .

    Due to different batches, some accessories may be different from photos. Thank you for your understanding!

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