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31-67pcs Diamond Cutting Wheels HSS Circular Saw Blade Rotary Woodworking Tool for Dremel Mini Drill Rotary Tool Accessories

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    Material: high speed steel
    Quantity: 31pcs
    Includes: 5pc saw blade, 10pc diamond grinding disc, 6pc* rod, 10 resin cutting wheels


    5pcs     saw blade (22/25/32/35/45mm) 
    2pcs     3.175mm rod

    10pcs   25mm diamond grinding disc 
    2pcs      3.175mm rod

    10pcs    32mm resin cutting wheel 
    2pcs      3.0mm rod

    packing list:
    31pcs Diamond Cutting Wheels

    Mainly used for copper, iron, aluminum, alloy, etc. Medium and hard, narrow and deep metal material groove processing or cutting. It can also be used for milling of non-metallic materials such as plastics and wood.


    Material: Diamond/Resin/HSS
    Tool holder diameter: 1/8″ (3mm / 3.3mm)
    Diamond cutting wheel diameter: 22mm
    Resin cutting wheel diameter: 32mm
    HSS saw blade diameter: 22/25/32/35/44/50mm
    Red resin cutting wheel diameter: 22mm

    Packing list:
    6 x HSS circular saw blade
    10 x diamond cutting disc
    10 x resin cutting wheel
    10 x red resin cutting wheel
    5 x mandrel


    Material: high speed steel, diamond, boron oxide
    Color: as shown
    Specification: Small saw blade: 22/25/32/35/44 / 50mm
    Eight-hole saw blade: 22mm
    Resin cut: 32mm
    Rod: 3.175mm / 6mm / 3mm

    Packing list:
    6 * small saw blade
    10 * Eight hole saw blade
    20 * resin cut
    1 * 3.175mm rod
    1 * 6mm rod
    4 * 3mm rod


    Material: HSS / Diamond / Resin
    Shank Diameter: Approx.1/8″ (3mm / 3.3mm)
    HSS Saw Blades Dia: 22/ 25/ 32/ 35/ 44mm
    Diamond Cutting Disc Dia: 25mm
    Resin Cutting Wheel Dia: 32mm

    Packing list:

    1pcs x High speed steel saw blade 22/ 25/ 32/ 35/ 44mm 
    10pcs x 32mm resin cutting wheel
    10pcs x 25mm diamond cutting disc,
    5pcs x handle


    Material : resin

    Packing list:
    6pc saw blades (22/25/32/35/44/50mm)

    1pc1/4 “connecting rod and 

    1pc 1/8″ connecting rod, 
    10pc22mm emery grinding disc
    2pc1/8 “connecting rod
    10pc resin cutting wheels

    2pc 1/8″ connecting rod, 


    Function: Cutting, Grooving & Trimming.
    Usage: Fit for most rotary and air tools or Power die grinders.
    Shank Diameter: Approx.1/8″ (3mm / 3.3mm)
    HSS Saw Blades: 22/ 25/ 32/ 35/ 44/50 mm
    Diamond Cutting Disc: 25mm
    Resin Cutting Wheel: 32mm, 24mm

    Packing  list:
    61Pcs Rotary tool set


    Name: Small Saw Blade Set
    Material: High speed steel, diamond, boron oxide
    Color as shown

    Small saw blade: 22/25/32/35/44/50mm
    Eight-hole saw blade: 22mm
    Resin cutting: 32mm
    Rod: 3.175mm/6mm/3mm

    Packing list:
    63pcs* small saw blade set


    Name: saw blade set
    Color: as shown in the picture
    Material: high speed steel, diamond, resin, stainless steel
    Size: circular saw blade: 22 / 25 / 32 / 35 / 44mm
    Stainless steel cutting blade: 22mm
    Diamond cutting blade: 22mm
    Resin cutting blade: 32mm
    Red resin cutting blade: 25mm
    Extension rod: 4.7 / 3.8cm

    Packing list :
    10 x HSS wood cutting circular saw blade
    5 x diamond cutting blade
    6 x stainless steel cutting blade
    10 x resin cutting blade
    30x red resin cutting blade
    4 x extension rod


    Material: alloy, resin, high-speed steel
    HSS saw blade diameter: 22mm / 25mm / 32mm / 35mm / 44mm / 50mm
    Diamond cutting wheel diameter: 25mm
    Red resin cutting disc diameter: 25mm
    Diameter of disc cut by resin cutting wheel: 32mm
    Mandrel diameter: 3mm

    Packing list:
    6Pcs x HSS Wood Cutting Saw Blade
    10Pcs x diamond cutting disc wheel
    36Pcs x red resin cutting disc

    10Pcs x resin cutting wheel cutting disc 
    5Pcs x mandrel

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