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Dog Stop Bark Collar Ultrasonic Barking Repeller Control Trainer Training Device Pet Puppy Anti Barking Dog Training Collars

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    Ultrasound launch function, can have a role in the dog gently
    Ultra-light shell, retractable neck strap, suitable for small dogs
    Some dogs are effective for 7-14 days, most dogs will have 4-6 weeks to effect. A few dogs will take longer to be effective
    Habits can not be changed, can only be replaced by another habit .
    Some puppies stubborn, the effect may not be obvious.
    Batteries not included
    Button settings:
    ON / OFF: This barking switch
    HIGH: High audio alarm setting
    LOW: Low audio alarm setting
    AUDIBLE: This setting turns into a audible alarm when it starts with a jarring beep to stimulate the dog to stop shouting. There are two alarm modes, HIGH and LOW. (Large dogs can be set to HIGH and puppies set to LOW )
    ULTRASONIC: This setting changes to the ultrasonic control mode when on. Only your dog will sense that the barker is running, and people can not feel it. (This setting has no harm to the dog, suitable for night or quiet environment)
    Package Include:
    1 x Ultrasonic Dog Anti Bark Collar Bark Stop Reduce Barking
    Usage method:
    1. Unscrew the 1 cover, a button battery, into two AG10 types of closed cover, press the ON/OFF button to start.
    2. after the start of the red indicator light, show that the machine has already started work.
    3. audio settings: at this time can be based on the actual situation of their own dog set high or low frequency control.
    4. Ultrasonic control: press the button ultrasonic, ultrasonic control mode, when the trigger will send out ultrasonic (silent mode), such as the need to convert acoustic mode, press the button on the AUDIBLE. This bark of ultrasonic alarm will turn into audio with sound alarm mode.
    5. A simple test method: in AUDIBLE mode, with hand lightly bomb hit stop barking back silver small circle, the dead bark will sound frequency alarm sound, just on behalf of the normal work

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