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Luminous Stone Garden Decoration Pebbles Outdoor Aquarium Decor Luminous Stone Fish Tank Vase Indoor Bonsai Garden Rockery Decor

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  • Description

    Product Description:

    Name: Luminous Stone Cobblestone

    Quantity: 100/200/300/400/500pcs

    Color: mixed color/white/green/yellow/blue/primary color/orange/light auspicious red/dark purple/pink

    Material: Luminous Pigment + Resin

    Purpose: to illuminate paths, driveways, sidewalks, flower beds, potted plants or fish tanks. This is the best DIY decoration for vases, fish tanks, aquariums, crafts, swimming pools. Very suitable for your garden, terrace, lawn, yard.

    These stones cannot shine by themselves. But these pebbles have absorbed enough sunlight during the day to glow at night or in any other dark environment for up to 2-3 hours. If they are not bright enough, illuminate them with light again.

    How do you make them glow?

    1. Do not leave the rhinestones under light with the package.

    2. Don’t pile up pebbles, make sure each pebble is fully lit.

    3. When the pebbles are glowing, make sure the surroundings are dark enough.

    4. You can enjoy the glowing stones, the longer the absorption time, the longer the exposure time


    1, please expose the rhinestones to the sun or light, make sure to absorb enough light, the longer the absorption time, the brighter the rhinestones, the longer the luminous time.

    2, the rhinestones send out softly glowing and will be hard to notice in the bright environments. Make it in the dark area.

    3, if they do not glow or not bright, it is possible that the stored light may be exhausted

    4, Recommend More for Large Areas. The More You Line, The More Beautiful They Look. Enjoy these glowing pebbles scattered in your garden like far away stars on the ground.


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