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Mist Coolant System Excellent Quality Mist Coolant Spray 8mm Air Pipe Lathe Milling Drill Lathe Lubrication Drill Grind Nozzle


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  • Description

    Excellent Quality Mist Coolant Lubrication Spray System For 8mm Air Pipe  Lathe Milling Drill VEC77 P0.5

    Engraving machine spray cooling,Special design,direction of rotation,easy to operate. 
    Standard fixing device,fine spray port, long life.

    Size:37.5cm(L),hose about 1.25M.
    Fit for 8mm air pipe
    Cooling stone/metal/ceramic tile engraving machine.
    For  Lathe Milling Drill Machine.

    1.A lot of water problem solving tools, easier to clean up.
    2.Processing the coolant can save more than 80%, the cooling effect is no less than the conventional water-cooled.
    3.Gas processing chips are blown away, working safer.
    4.The nebulizer gas and coolant is adjustable, easy to use on different processing conditions.
    5.Even the super-hard alloy precision machining the workpiece can achieve a smooth surface
    6.Not only increases the machining cutting speed, save time and reduce processing costs and tool wear.

    1. Clean the liquid shall be used.
    2. Do not use liquid-corrosive.
    3. In the liquid without pressure output required to ensure that the air pressure in the range 5-7KGF / CM2
    (atomization and gas, associated gas pressure).
    4. Use the liquid viscosity at 68cSt or less.

    Package Include:
    1x Mist Coolant System

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