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Outdoor Cell Phone Signal Enhancement Stickers Mobile Antenna Amplifier SP4/SP3 Enhance Boosters Camping Tools

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  • Description


    1. It can enhance the receiving effect of the mobile phone.

    2. Improved mobile phone antenna booster

    The antenna booster is now stronger and has a shiny gold color.

    3. Benefits:

    1) Huge impact-like a 4-foot antenna on a mobile phone.

    2) Improve the reception effect and reduce static electricity in ships, elevators, cars, buildings, tunnels and mountains.

    3) It can be used on any analog, digital and tri-band phones.

    4) Eliminate dropped calls.

    5) Easy to install, just peel it off and stick it inside the battery box.

    6) Each is individually wrapped and can be used as a gift or resale! “

    4. This latest research result mobile phone antenna signal booster will prevent you from showing bad signals when traveling.


    Product name: the latest model circuit board mobile phone signal booster phone antenna amplifier

    Applicable object: mobile phone/tablet computer/intercom/cordless phone

    Installation method:

    Open the back cover of the phone, take out the battery and wipe clean the location of the signal sticker.

    Then gently peel off the signal booster from the blister card, and align it “upward” to stick it well

    Mobile phone antenna. Retrieve the battery and close the lid, then turn on the power.

    Package Included:


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