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Retevis RT638 Walkie Talkie Children 2pcs PMR USB Charge Flashlight Children’s Toy Radio Birthday Christmas Gifts for Boys Girls

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  • Description

    Powered with 3*AAA battery or 3*AAA rechargeable battery(not include)Can be rechargeable by Micro USB cable(not include USB cable).Support 1 pin 2.5mm headset

    Flashlight and belt clip will open a bigger world for kids in night adventure.

    VOX function,easy to talk with hands free.

    Range up to 1km,nice communication tool for children’s partners .

    Menu button detail

    Great surprise gift when opening the box, suitable for any indoor and outdoor activities.

    Standard Accessories:

    2 or 3 X RT638/RT38 two way radio

    1 X User Manual

    1. What is the different between 2pcs and 3pcs? how I choose?

    2pcs package—2 walkie talkies have same colors,all are Red or all are Blue

    3pcs package—3 walkie talkies have different colors Red+Blue+Green

    If you have three kids,they want different colors,you can buy 3pcs package.

    2.Can I use rechargeable battery?

    Yes,RT638/RT38 have USB charging port,you can 3*AAA rechargeable battery

    But please do not mix AAA alkaline battery and AAA rechargeable together.

    3.How about talk range?

    The walkie talkie power 0.5w,usually talk range 800 meters,open area farther

    4.What to do if other users can hear the voice from me,but I cannot hear them?

    First make sure your walkie talkie can receive the signal normally.then adjust volume to maximum and try again

    5.Why is there noise when talking?

    1.Affected by electromagnetic waves, please stay away from high-voltage lines and move to open areas

    2.Switch to another channel and talk again

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