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Sevich 20ml Temporary Grey Hair Dye Pen Fashion Black Color Hair Dye White Hair Cover Cream Mild Fast One-off Hair Color Pen

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  • Description

    Sevich greyhair dye pen

    SEVICH Magic pen is easy to use and quickly covers white or grey hair. It can be used to make your hair naturally shiny and smooth.


    (1) Please DRY your hair and adjust grey or white hair before use.

    (2)Press 1~2 times at the bottom of the product.
    * You can press 2~3 times for the first time. If you press it many times, it will flow too much liquid, so please pay attention to use.

    (3) Apply on hair and white hair.

    (4) Dry out 3 to 5 minutes after use.

    * Use a hair dryer to help dry out and color quickly.

    Precautions during use

    *The amount and coloration used basis on each person. If it gets on the scalp, wipe it off before it dries.
    *You may get on the pillow while sleeping, so please wash your hair.
    *Please cover the lid after use and save it.


    (1) Stop using the product if the following conditions occur. Continued use will worsen, please consult a dermatologist. When there are red spots, swelling, itching and other abnormal conditions in use. The applicable parts have the same conditions as above according to direct sunlight.

    (2)Abnormal parts such as injuries, eczema, and dermatitis must be prohibited.

    (3)If get in touch with eyes, rinse immediately with water.

    (4)This product contains a high concentration of AHA, which may cause some allergies, so consult a dermatologist.

    (5)Precautions for storage, please cover the cover after use. (b) Store out of reach of children. (c) Do not store in high temperature or low temperature or in direct sunlight.

    (6)Only for hair can not be used in other parts.

    (7)Because this product contains AHA, please apply it to a small piece of skin for skin testing for the first time to observe whether there is any abnormality.

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