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US Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E Soft Capsule PREMIUM 100% E Rapid Release Softgels VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT,VE Vitamin E Capsules

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    Product expiration time: Expires in February 2023
    【Product Name】Vitamin E Soft Capsule
    【Active Ingredients】100IU*100 capsules, soft capsules
    【Usage and Dosage】Once a day, take 1 capsule each time with meals
    [Reminder] This product is a dietary supplement, it is not recommended to replace drugs
    [Expiration date] See the bottle barcode EXP (month 1 year), EXP is the expiration date
    Before the slash represents the month, after the slash represents the year

    The main ingredient of vitamin e soft capsules is vitamin e. This drug has a good anti-aging effect, and can also prevent wrinkles on the skin and make people look younger.
    At the same time, vitamin e soft capsules also prevent keratosis and inhibit dermatitis. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that can reduce the formation of skin spots, protect the skin from free radical damage, has a certain moisturizing and antipruritic effect; it can treat skin pruritus, dry skin and desquamation. Better role.

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